Inspico High Resolution Analysis
Dedicated Instruments:  Field Ion Microscopy & Atom Probe Tomography

Getting Started

This document is meant to be a starting point on how to use Scito. It is intended to be used as a manual while you are working with Scito and it is prepared to help new user as well as show experienced users deeper functionality. 


Scito is available for download on our website. This link will take you to the page where you can download Scito. Download the online installer by clicking the link as shown on the image.


In order to be able to use Scito you need valid credentials. To get the credentials please complete the form. Once approved you will receive an email with your credentials. In case you need to modify your username or password plese send us an email.


To install Scito you simply need to run the installer. The process is very straightforward. You need to select the installation folder (or leave the default one), read and accept the license agreement and wait for the installer to finish. Once finished a desktop shortcut will also be created.


Once you start Scito the authentication page will open first. Selecting the Remembercheck(make it green) will remember the username and password that you enter for future uses. To forget it just uncheck it. Enter the username and password that you received in your email (check credentials section of the manual if you dont have them) and then click Authenticate.