Inspico High Resolution Analysis
Dedicated Instruments:  Field Ion Microscopy & Atom Probe Tomography

Project Tab


The project Page contains very useful information about your system, Scito, your account and your current project. It is separated in several parts as highlighted in the image and each of them is described in more detail in the following sections.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar allows the user to move to different parts of Scito. In order to access the Project page again at any time, you simply need to click the Project button in this bar. Project is the first button and we suggest you start with your work from here. You are able to start from any of the pages as we have designed Scito to allow such freedom.


This section gives a more detailed overview of how your system ranks in regards to the Scito requirements that we have stated. If you meet requirements then a green thumbs up will appear. It is not neccessary to meet all of them, but in that case performace can suffer. To find out what problems can occurr hover your mouse over the orange triangles next to the requirement your system doesnt fulfill. In case of a red triangle then we would definitely suggest using another computer instead.


The Memory section outlines how your RAM is currently being used. The used part is used by other processes on your computer, the scito part is being used by Scito and free is the memory that is available. Scito will use most of its memory when you load data and by creating objects in 3D-View.

Project Information

This section displays information about your current project. When no porject is available then a table similar to the one in the image will be shown. Click any of the buttons on the right will allow the user to add specific files to the project. In order to understand the files check the FIle Definitions section.

Account information

This Section provides information for your account. Keep an eye to the expiry date as you will not be able to use Scito past it. More functionality will be available soon.

Useful Links

This Section contains a few links that might be useful to the user.

Update & Reports

This Section contains 3 smaller tabs. Here you can check on overview of the latest modifications made, a list of bug reports submitted by users and their current progress, and a list of requests for different features that were submitted along with their progress. Before submitting a new bug report or request please read the ones already submitted before. To submit a new ticket check the Contact Us section below.


This section provides several buttons with different purposes. Their functionality is described in the following sections.

 New Project

The New Project button allows you to start a new project from scratch. If you create a new project while you have already an existing one running, the existing one will be removed and the new one will substitute it. To create a new project you need a raw file only. All the other files are optional. A new folder will be created in the directory you specify on the Project Folder field and it will be named using the Project Name. In the Description field you can write information that is specific to this project for you to identify this project at a later time. The aly(or aly2) and par files are optional. If none is selected then default values are used but you still have the ability to modify the values of these files from Scito and save them. To better understand the files check the File Definitions section.

 Save Project

The Save Project button will save the project so that you can continue working next time that you load it. All the project files will be modified and saved under the project name. The .pro file will keep a list of all the project files that need to be loaded.

 Load Project 

To load a project you need to locate the .pro file of a saved project and then Scito will load and make the neccessary calculation to return to the state before the saving of the porject.


The Export button allows you to create different types of predefined files. We currently support the creating of 14 types of files from this menu. To learn more about the types of files check the FIle Definitions section. Some of the files will require you to select a Data Source from where the data will be taken and you can do that in the dropdown list on the right.

 Contact Us

The Contact Us button opens a dialog that allows the user to communicate with us. There are 4 tabs in this dialog and they are used for different purposes. Report an issue allows you to make a report for an issue with the software. Once confirmed by our team it will be added to the Bug Reports section. Request a feature allows the user to request for functionality that is not already available. For both feature please provide as many details as possible and if you provide an email then we can contact you if we need more clarification. You can use the Request a script form in case you need help with a script. Note that it might take some time for us to provide such a script. For any other type of message please use the Other form.

Log Messages

The Log Messages provides a list of messages that Scito generates so that the user can know in case something works or not. By clicking Update list the new messages are added to the list while reset button will delete all current entries from the list.