Inspico High Resolution Analysis
Dedicated Instruments:  Field Ion Microscopy & Atom Probe Tomography

Project Tab

The project tab is where you can create, save and organize your project. The tab is divided in several parts each of which contains different information and allows for actions.

On the top right side information about your computer are displayed. Scito comes with certain computer requirements and this section could be very useful to check those requirements. 

On the left of the system information you can find the project information. A project is composed of .pro file and 1 or more other files. The project name is a unique name that you can choose for your project. Ideally you would choose something that can give you an idea of what the project is about. The project folder displays the location where the project lies in your file system. Ideally you would have a central location where you keep all your Scito projects. Project description contains more detailed information about the project which can help you understand what the aim of this project is. A project can contain an additional 5 files alongside the pro file. These are:

  • Raw file: it contains data for every event that was detected by the detector. The file is the end result of your measurement and is the main input of your Scito project.


  • Alloy File: It contains information about the alloy definition of the project. The content of this file describes how events are distinguished.

  • Parameter File: This file contains information on the machine. It should rarely be changed.

  • Settings File: contains information about the project that can help you recreate a project when you load at another time

  • RTI File: contains information on the tree structure of your 3d view (more on this later).

The project can have any number of this files although missing some of them couldn’t change the dynamic of your work.

The lower part of the project tab contains a list of recent updates of Scito. When a new update is released the changes are added in this section and the version number increases. More about the updates can be found on our forum. 

The left part of the tab contains several buttons that serve different functionality. The New Project button allows you to create a project from scratch. You have the possibility to choose a name, a location and a description for the project. Additionally, you can choose which files you want to add to your project.

Load Project opens up a window where you can search for an already existing pro file which will be loaded to Scito. After saving a project you can use this functionality to load your project to the state that you left it last time that you worked on it.

The Save Project button will automatically create all files of the project using the current information that Scito contains about your project.

Export opens up a window where you can choose what file you want to create (more on the different types of files later).