Inspico High Resolution Analysis
Dedicated Instruments:  Field Ion Microscopy & Atom Probe Tomography

Atom Probe Tomography enables you to unlock the atomic world in 3D

Defined by your needs, specialized instruments might help you to solve task and questions that remained unanswered until now. Here we present you our standard instruments and possible customization options.

Field Ion Microscope

  • Investigating tip surfaces with atomic resolution
  • 70 mm diameter real MCP based imaging detector
  • different imaging gases possible
  • additional chamber ports to allow customization of your experiments 

 Modular -Atom Probe (M-AP)

  • modular design to be combined with your FIB or SEM Instrument
  • allowing sample preparation without breaking vacuum conditions
  • allowing full cryogenic preparation of samples
  • small footprint
  • different Laser-Options (ns, ps, fs , IR, Green, UV)
  • MCP Delay Line Detector with OAR of 70% or 90 % 

 APT - Dedicated Instrument

  • Airlock and Sample Storage Chamber
  • Port for additional chamber 
  • Different Detector Option
  • HV- Puls Option and different Laser Options


  • Based on the other machines customization to0 your needs is possible