Inspico High Resolution Analysis
Dedicated Instruments:  Field Ion Microscopy & Atom Probe Tomography

Nanotechnology is a key-technology, leading to various new products or product improvements. The ongoing technological trend of miniaturization demands control of processes on the atomic scale. This demand is already required in microelectronics, micromechanics, sensors, solarindustry or just to mention battery-R&D. To enable the development of nanotechnological products and assure quality control special microscopy and microscopes are needed. Especially if 3D information with atomic resolution is required.


Our ambition is to provide necessary tools to use Atom Probe Tomography (APT) and Field Ion Microscopy (FIM) to your needs.




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Java Scripting in Scito implemented

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Coming soon

Demo Version of Scito
Scito V 1.50
Scito V 3.0
We are working hard to bring out the new updated version of Scito   mehr


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